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Why is a Preventative Maintenance Plan right for our company? Imagine your network and computers operating properly and efficiently, with few, if any problems!

  • Reduced Costs & Downtime
  • Security & Backup Peace of Mind
  • Increased Employee Productivity

Because your computer systems and network are indispensable assets, which are essential to the operation of any business, preventative maintenance is vitally important. If you do not perform regular maintenance, then your computers and network will eventually begin to function below their optimal level. More importantly, if you do not have regular service performed, you may experience costly downtime, lost productivity, vulnerability to Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Adaware/Spyware), and worst, data loss!

A computer is not much different than a car. They are both complex machines that need regular maintenance to run optimally. If theyíre neglected over time, and you do not perform the recommended maintenance, you greatly increase your risk of failure.

At Network Resources, we have developed a very affordable, pro-active, preventative maintenance program for our customers and their budgets.

How it works:
- You pay one flat rate each month, based on your specific plan
- We manage your preventative maintenance and recommended services remotely and securely.
- We keep you informed

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed many businessís that have experienced a computer and network crisis that was preventable. Donít let this happen to your company! Network Resources is not only interested in keeping your systems and network running smooth and efficiently, we also take the time to verify and test your backups, insuring that they are reliable and safe.

If you would like more information about our Preventive Maintenance Plans, and a free no-obligation needs assessment and quote, please contact us now!

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"Network Resources has been maintaining our file server and network, with little, if any disruption to our work, since they can perform this valuable service remotely. It has truly made a difference in the smooth operation of our network, and helps to know that someone is watching our back and checking our backups, just in case. Fast, friendly and reliable service!.We highly recommend their preventative maintenance!"

- Fillmaster Systems