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Don’t take any chances with your data!

Network Resources, Inc. offers several reliable, secure, and cost-effective backup solutions to help ensure that your vital business data is always protected. It is essential to have the right backup and recovery solution and procedures in place, since unexpected data loss can be catastrophic to any business. It's always a smart investment to have a solid and carefully monitored backup plan in place, should this suddenly happen to you.

A Network Resources technical advisor can evaluate how your current backups are performed, and identify any areas of vulnerability. We then determine your specific backup and storage requirements, and setup a “backup plan” well-suited to your unique needs and applications. Once this plan is implemented, we will automate the process, and setup quality controls and verification procedures. Since most companies do not pay close enough attention to their backups, when faced with an emergency, they often risk loosing critical data, and seriously slowing down the recovery process. We focus on helping our customers minimize their risks, and helping to protect one of their most important assets.

We offer several backup solutions and services:

  • Hi-capacity and economical local backup storage with external USB backup drives or NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, combined with appropriate software, to manage and automate the process.

  • Very affordable, off-site storage solutions, utilizing the Internet to automatically store your critical business data at a secure, password-encrypted remote location. Storing your files on a remote backup server ensures against hardware failures, data corruption, natural disasters, theft, and most other causes of data loss. Our technical staff can setup and schedule regular, online backups for your Windows desktops, laptops, and file servers.

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance to verify and test your backups.

  • Full system backup and disk-imaging solutions to aid with fast, complete system restoration in the case of a failure or crash.

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